English language


This is one of the first requirements you need to keep in mind when deciding whether to pursue higher education in the UK. Fluency in English is mandatory not only to understand your course but to navigate through British society smoothly. It is mandatory for all international students who do not hold UK citizenship and or permanent residency to satisfy UK Visas and Immigration authorities that they are fluent in the English language.


Ways through which you can satisfy English language requirements.


UKVI IELTS and other test providers accepted by Universities and UKVI

This is one of the easiest ways to satisfy English language requirements to obtain admissions and also your UK Student visa. You will specifically need to take UKVI IELTS and not general IELTS. STUDENT CONNECT can assist you with IELTS preparation including advice on tutorials, registration and appearing for the test.

There are other acceptable tests and providers which UKVI accepts which can be found in this link



Degree from a majority English speaking country

If you have a degree or hold a passport from one of the majority English speaking countries or have studied in the UK as a child on a 'child student' (formerly Tier 4 child visa) then you can get an exemption from English language requirement. University who will be your sponsor will be able to exempt you from English language requirements.

List of English majority speaking countries - English Speaking Country Degrees


Exemption from the University

Different universities have varying requirements of their respective admission policy. Some institutions may accept your high school English marks while the others may accept other forms of English testing such as TOEFL or Duo Lingo. Universities who are student sponsors can certify to the Home Office that they have made their own assessment of your English and thus not required to submit official UKVI English language tests.

Every university has different requirements, please contact our branch offices to find more information.

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