Credibility interviews

Credibility interviews are part of the Student visa application process used by UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI) to try and make sure that only genuine students are studying in the UK. It is by invitation only. Some applicants will be called in for an interview before they are issued a visa to the UK. This is a critical part of the application process and you must be thoroughly prepared for it as they may give you very short notice in contacting you to attend an interview.

The interview is to check that you are a genuine student. During the interview, you will be asked questions about your background, immigration history, the studies you are planning to undertake in the UK, why you chose the university of your choice and your course, how you intend to fund your studies in the UK and also how this fit into your career aspirations.

The interviewer will also be checking your conversational English, and if there is any issue with hearing them clearly e.g. via the video link, you should ensure that you raise this so that they are aware that it is a technical issue, not one of comprehension.

Following questions may be asked:

  • • Why have you chosen to study in the UK?
  • • What are the benefits of you studying in the UK compared to your home country or USA/Canada/Australia?
  • • What reasons made you choose this university?
  • • How did you find out about it?
  • • Which other universities have you considered?
  • • Where is the university?
  • • Do you know anyone else who has already studied there?
  • • Do you know how large the university is?
  • • Why did you choose this course and how does it relate to your previous study?
  • • How do you explain the gaps in your study history?
  • • What is the relevance of the course to your future career path?
  • • What qualification will you receive?
  • • How long does your course last?
  • • How is your chosen course assessed?
  • • Do you know what level your course is at?
  • • Did you consider any other course?
  • • Does this course offer any professional recognition?
  • • Are you planning to stay in the UK on completion of your course to study for a higher award?
  • • Are you thinking of transferring to another institution on completion of your course?
  • • What facilities are you expecting at the university?
  • • Will you need help in finding accommodation?
  • • Do you know what accommodation is available at the university?
  • • If the costs of pursuing your course of study are higher in the UK than in your home country, why have you decided to incur the extra costs involved with studying in the UK?
  • • You have previously studied in the UK - why have you chosen to return?
  • • Do you plan to work in the UK?
  • • How will you fund your studies?


Student Connect will support you in understanding these questions better more in depth and help you build confidence to face the UKVI interview. At Student Connect we ensure our students are genuine and have the intention to study in the UK, hence we believe this part of the application process will be smooth for you!

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