First few days


  • Make sure you read all documents before signing
  • Ensure you have enrolled and obtained your student ID Card depending on your institution requirement.
  • Ensure to visit your student’s union and engage with student’s union and societies
  • Check your student email every single day!
  • Make sure to make paper copies of your passport and visas.
  • If you need to pay additional fees to enrol, ensure you have arranged these funds prior to your departure either through bank transfer or pay online.
  • Make sure you ask questions if you are in doubt, the first point of contact for all your issues will be your University’s international office.
  • Ensure you carry cash with you when you travel to cover your first-month expenses as it may take some time for you to open a UK bank account.

Please ensure you follow government guidelines on what you can and can’t bring to the UK as outlined by the UK Customs authority. Visit the following link for more information

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