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Welcome to Student Connect.

Welcome to Student Connect. We are a UK higher education consultancy registered with the UK Companies House specializing in supporting international students to achieve their academic aspirations at all levels of study. Student Connect was set up in 2010 with an intention of assisting international students access world class UK higher education by connecting them to the right courses and university of their choice.

Over the years, we built a wealth of experience in supporting over 2000 international students secure places in some of the leading UK universities. Our extensive experience in UK education spans over ten years with a combined work experience of our staff for over 30 years. We partner and network with over 20 leading UK universities and take a genuine interest in not only a student’s academic journey but their welfare too. We are passionate about international education as we appreciate how education can truly transform lives. Our business ethos consistently attracted many university partnerships and also prospective students to our service. This enabled us to expand rapidly in Bangladesh without compromising our quality of service and we opened our first branch in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2018. We continued to expand with popularity rising among prospective students for the quality of our service which motivated us to open further two branches in two other big metropolis cities of Sylhet and Chittagong. We also opened a regional office in Chennai, India in 2020.

In addition, we expanded on our recruitment regions outside Bangladesh in 2013 and now recruit from South Asia (India, Sri Lanka, Nepal), Sub Saharan Africa (Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania and Kenya), the Middle East and Northern Africa (UAE, Bahrain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia) and Russia. This has enabled us to place over 2000 international students from diverse backgrounds in over 20 different educational institutions since inception. It has enabled us to be resourceful in creating a huge network identifying the ideal university for students. We routinely invest and engage in marketing campaigns generating a buzz in Bangladesh about Student Connect and the Universities we represent.

Our staff have dynamic professional backgrounds from solicitors to higher education professionals. Many of our staff both in the UK and branch offices have had the first-hand experience of transnational education and have successfully completed their higher education in some of the leading UK universities. We pride in the specialist support we are able to provide our students with multi-site branches with extended hours and bespoke services based on the needs of our students based on values of Honesty, Transparency and Prosperity.


Our vision

for the next four years (2021-2025) is to be in the top 100 student consultancies in the UK with operations in branches in Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and UAE. We will do this by continuing to provide key business services in student recruitment, counselling and increased partnerships with universities. Student Connect will achieve this by consistently providing services that are honest, transparent, informative, accessible and relevant in all our operations. We shall maximize the impact of the internationalization of higher education through the core services we deliver to our students and educators. We will engage with all our universities equally and invest in marketing campaigns driving quality applications to study with our partners. We will prioritize quality of service over quantity of clients thus enabling us to create a culture of service excellence.

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