Why Choose Us


What do we do?

  • Consultation about all higher education needs in the UK.
  • Act as a link between the university and yourself to represent your interests.
  • Guidance, counselling and advice to help you make a firm choice on your course and university.
  • Assessment of all supporting documents for admission and visa.
  • Admission processing to UK universities.
  • Guidance on Personal statement and PhD/DBA proposal.
  • Guidance and preparation for university admission assessment.
  • Guidance and preparation for UKVI interview.
  • Assisting to choose the right course for you.
  • Visa guidance and application support.
  • Assistance with UCAS application.
  • Assistance with Student Finance application.
  • Consultation on further education and career aspirations.

Our service to you is free

Part of our commitment to you is that We will provide you with a free consultation which is transparent, honest and supportive. We will ensure to represent your best interest at all times. We will provide you with advice, guidance and counselling to assist you in understanding courses, universities and life in the UK.

We will prioritise you and your journey to higher education above everything else

Many of our counsellors and advisors were and are international students in the UK. We have first-hand experience of how daunting international higher education journey can be and will place you at the heart of all our services.

Our in-house experts will guide you from admission to graduation

Our team is experienced in higher education and our operations are aligned with British Council agency certification. This will involve one to one support and coaching where required and to give you that extra support at your chosen university.

Supporting you on completion of studies

Our commitment to service excellence means we will be supporting you not only through your student journey but post completion of your studies. We will provide you with information and guidance on post-study work options available including signposting you to setting up a business in the UK, finding full-time job opportunities or even choosing to go for further education.

UK student visa specialists

We will assist you in putting together your visa application bundle by assessing your supporting documents. We will guide and advise you of the latest visa requirements including preparation for credibility interviews depending on your circumstances. We are not OISC registered advisers, any advice is only for guidance, you need to ensure you seek legal advice if you are in doubt.

Portfolio of Universities

We work with popular universities for popular courses and are continuing to establish relationships with more universities to provide you with a wide range of options. Our authentic relationships with the universities will enable us to support you when you are a student at the university should you encounter any challenges.